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Everesting at Altitude: Does it matter?

On June 20, 2020, EF Education pro Lachlan Morton set a new Everest Challenge Record a time of 7 hours, 29 minutes and 57 seconds, https://everesting.cc/ less than a week after his first attempt was nullified due to incorrect altitude data; tip: if you need precise altitude data, do not...
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New year, new sponsors

In 2008 I called it time on my road racing career for good. It didn’t take long to find new interests and challenges. While I had long dismissed triathlon, I found myself racing Xterra triathlon in 2010. Fast forward 5 years and I find myself welcoming some of my best sponsors...
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Cool hands improve performance?

Like most athletes and coaches, I am always looking for new competitive advantages. Moreover, I have an intense interest in thermoregulation as a limiter of performance. So when former podcast guest Dr. Tom Swensen passed along some press materials on the impact of hand cooling, no doubt to get me...
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