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The Not-So-Obvious Benefits of Sweat

Source: Fix.com READ ONE You might work up a sweat at various times: a long run, sunny summer afternoon, or an important job interview, to name a few. Whether it’s refreshing or unplanned, sweating leads to a number of incredible health benefits, some of which may be surprising. Perspire Much?...
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Dialing in your final race prep

It’s 2 days out from one of the biggest races of the year. The training has been done for a week or more, right now its just about tweaking; keeping the engine warm and the muscles prepped. Mumbo jumbo aside, the last couple days are where many rays go completely...
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Extinguishing the dehydration debate: it’s heat baby!

With the unofficial end of summer upon us, I wanted revisit the great hydration debate. I saw many posts this summer about struggles with the heat, along with numerous other responses about drinking as the solution to most of the problems. Much of the advice was just the usual non...
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