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2015 Season Opener: Instant Classic 1/2 marathon

Well it has been a very long time since my last post! I have to be honest, it has been difficult to maintain a steady [ESP] Tipcast schedule and blog, especially as I make an effort to bring back full length podcasts (which are set to return by May). However,...
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Review: Power2Max MTB Power Meter

I think it’s human nature to love new gadgets. No doubt early humans were thrilled to get their hands on those advanced Neanderthal tools. Recently I received one of the newer kids on the power meter block for my MTB; the Power2Max Rotor 3D+ crankset. For those of you not...
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ESP Podcast MTB Clinic is a wrap!

What a weekend! After a hit or miss forecast, we were greeted by warm weather and an eager group of bike riders. Kicking off the clinic was a short discussion regarding each riders strengths and weaknesses, as well as selection of equipment and other technical details. We then struck out...
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