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The anti-protein movement: More bullshit “evidence”

Look, I get it. Some people have an agenda. Maybe they’re naive or gullible, or maybe they believe something so much they have to dig up anything they can to prove their point (i.e., confirmation bias). As Mark Twain once said: “What gets us into trouble is not what we don’t...
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Protein timing may matter most for trained men

Few athletes do not know about the glycogen window, or at least that you should eat after a workout. However,  many do not fully understand why this is important, or that nutrient timing (NT) may differ between sports, by fitness level, and even by gender. While eating something is better than...
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Training, training, and well training

Getting sick sucks, injuries are worse, as recovery is even less predictable, but an injury due to rushing back after illness…well, mistakes happen. Fortunately, I got some great advice from Darcy Norman on my recent quad contusion and my recovery has been a good bit fast than I hoped. So...
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