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XTerra Series VII: Run fast off the bike

Triathlon is unique in that you not only complete three distinctly different activities, but also that, with the exception of the swim, your performance can be significantly altered by the prior activity. This means that simply being good in any of the three sports is by no means a guarantee that...
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XTerra Series III: Turning good form into better results

#ESPTIPCAST 76 #XTerratraining series 3 discusses how to improve your #runningform for #fasterrunning. @skratchlabs @sls3usa @gooutandplay In part 2 of my XTerra series, I discussed why we may indeed be built to run, but not necessarily born to run. The fact is humans are now so far removed to our...
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XTerra Series II: Your running form matters!

   Teaching at a small college has forced me to expand my knowledge base well beyond what expertise in physiology to include that of biomechanics. As I have come to realize, however, so much of performance relies technique or form. Whether it be your stroke technique in the water, or...
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