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Trail Dominance: The Sidi Drako Push

On ESP Podcast 45, I highlighted the Sidi Drako 3 Push MTB shoe. As 2015 wraps up, here’s some visual and textual highlights of this supreme MTB shoe, along with some comparisons to its road predecessor, the Sidi Wire. Sidi Quality and Fit throughout Its no secret that Sidi Sport...
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New year, new sponsors

In 2008 I called it time on my road racing career for good. It didn’t take long to find new interests and challenges. While I had long dismissed triathlon, I found myself racing Xterra triathlon in 2010. Fast forward 5 years and I find myself welcoming some of my best sponsors...
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Product Reviews: Sidi Wire, vent carbon road shoes

Whoops, I dropped the ball on the other two written reviews, so here is the review on the Sidi Wire Vent Carbon shoe, Sidi’s new flagship in what else, a laser-like neon yellow. Out of the box these shoes live up to the pictures, and nearly blinded me! I have...
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