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The anti-protein movement: More bullshit “evidence”

Look, I get it. Some people have an agenda. Maybe they’re naive or gullible, or maybe they believe something so much they have to dig up anything they can to prove their point (i.e., confirmation bias).¬†As Mark Twain once said: “What gets us into trouble is not what we don’t...
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UPDATED: A death blow to excessive exercise believers?

I like most exercise scientists believe whole-heartedly that exercise is indeed medicine. I’ll debate anyone that it is the overall best medicine, in fact. When we look across populations and research two things, that is two lifestyle choices¬†impact our health more than any other thing, except where genetic anomalies exist....
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Is endurance training dangerous?

Here are the major papers we discuss in our recent podcasts. Be sure to download our next Tipcast 26 for a follow up on all this. OKeefe Excessive endurance and risk Incidence Athletes_SCD OKeefe Run for your life...
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