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XTerra Series V: Swim training sanity

In part IV of my XTerra series I discussed ways to decipher why your swim might be sub-par. In this follow-up article, I discuss how to simplify your swim training, as well as race strategies for overcoming a poor swim. Stop the swim insanity Here it is, my honest opinion: swim...
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XTerra Series IV: Solving your swim problems

Here are #swimtips for improving your #XTerratriathlon results. It has often been said that the triathlon is never won in the swim, but can surely be lost before you exit the water. It can also be argued that for off-road triathlon, dominated by technical single-track trails, the swim is far...
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(Stop the) Swimming insanity: Why most swim programs are dumb

There is one inevitability of training, no matter how well-intentioned, someone will always find a way to add complete insanity to a sport. In the sport of triathlon, its swimming. What’s equally insane is that many triathletes see this as completely normal. Let’s face it, though, endurance athletes are predisposed...
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