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Revisiting Training and Racing at Altitude

Long-time followers may recall an article I wrote way back in 2004 titled, the Altitude Applecart. No article before or since has seemed to garnered as much impact as that one did for no particular reason, I suppose. However, like so many things, altitude performance was and still is an area...
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Bullshit Science: Advertisements are not research

One of the trends I think we’ve all seen in recent years are the number of formerly good websites that disguise paid advertisements as independent articles. In fact, it has become difficult for me to actually read an article on any Competitor website (e.g., Velo) article without feeling like someone...
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Rudy Project Windmax

First look at the new Rudy Project Windmax. Weighing in at a scant 237 g, the helmet is easy to adjust and definitively comfortable. A full review is coming!...
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