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ESP Tipcast 64: What I’ve learned from 8 years of low volume training

On tipcast 64 I discuss what I’ve learned from low volume training programs over the past 8 years. Well before Chris Carmichael jumped onto the HIT bandwagon with his time-crunched approach, I was experimenting with polarized training, HIT and reduced volume. Here are some of the highlights: Many coaches fall...
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Blood lactate and thresholds: another look

A couple of months ago I read an article by Dr. Inigo San Milan, a leading exercise scientist and training consultant. In it he explains the in’s and outs of lactate and lactate threshold. As far as layperson article goes, its hits the mark, and far be it from me...
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Training zone myths and misuse

The use of training zones has become ubiquitous at all levels of endurance training, and has even made its way into resistance training. While I cannot the usefulness of prescribing a zone for training, its overuse and over-valuation has led to a great deal of misinformation. A recent debate on Facebook regarding a training...
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