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Running more miles relates to faster races for some, but not more injuries

Following twitter I often read arm chair experts draw erroneous conclusions on many studies, so I was not surprised to read world-renowned armchair physiologist Alan Couzans conclude that a recent study by Fokkema et al. supported the notion that high volume is the secret to fast performance. Why? Because Alan’s...
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Black Hypertension: An on-going consequence of racism, not slavery

“[A] very attractive case can be constructed, all based upon a genetic defect in sodium excretion that is more prevalent among blacks. Perhaps blacks, who originally lived in hot, arid climates wherein sodium conservation was important for survival, have evolved the physiologic machinery which protects them in their original habitat...
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Masks work, but the devil is in the details

Few things piss me off more than listening to some know nothing ideologue talk about all the reasons why masks are bad and opening the economy is worth a few deaths. Like when did America become the country of “I don’t give a f–k about anyone else?” But in all...
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The role of Systemic Racism on Black Health

The following article was published on Side Effects. The black community has and continues to be blamed for their poor health. The reality is that systemic racism is not only the root cause of poorer black health, but also perpetuates those disparities. This article reviews the evidence. Systemic Racism Is...
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Everesting at Altitude: Does it matter?

On June 20, 2020, EF Education pro Lachlan Morton set a new Everest Challenge Record a time of 7 hours, 29 minutes and 57 seconds, https://everesting.cc/ less than a week after his first attempt was nullified due to incorrect altitude data; tip: if you need precise altitude data, do not...
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