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A review and analysis of products and claims that are utter bullshit.

Running more miles relates to faster races for some, but not more injuries

Following twitter I often read arm chair experts draw erroneous conclusions on many studies, so I was not surprised to read world-renowned armchair physiologist Alan Couzans conclude that a recent study by Fokkema et al. supported the notion that high volume is the secret to fast performance. Why? Because Alan’s...
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Metabolic efficiency: More smoke and mirrors coaching

ESP Tipcast 89: Clearing the smoke and breaking the mirrors on Metabolic Efficiency This article first appeared July 1, 2016. The article is republished here with a brief addition near the end (BLUE TEXT) The fitness and nutrition market is driven by sexy new terms and training methods. Few have garnered more...
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Oval-shaped Chainrings: Evidence challenged

  The sport of cycling is without doubt one of the leaders in technological innovation, with continual development of bicycle frames and wheels designed to optimize acceleration, power transfer, road vibrational forces, and aerodynamics, to name a few. Few areas of the bike are overlooked, including the crank-pedal interface; i.e.,...
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Aerobic Decoupling: Still just CV drift, and not worth the time

AEROBIC DECOUPLING DEFINED “when heart rate is held steady during extensive endurance training, output may be expected to drift downward. This parallel relationship between input (heart rate) and output (power or speed) is referred to as “coupling.” When they are no longer parallel in a workout as one variable remains...
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ESP Tipcast 86 Addendum: Meldonium Mayhem

You can checkout the ESP PODCAST here   References Dombrova et al. (2016) Pharmacological effects of meldonium: Biochemical mechanisms and biomarkers of cardiometabolic activity. Pharmocological Research. In press. Seppälä. (2016) FINADA – Meldonium, or mildronate. Sjaste et al. (2005) Mildronate: an antiischemic drug for neurological indications. CNS Drug Review. 11(2):151-68. Stuart et al. (2016) Meldonium...
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The Great Cadence Debate: References

Here is a list of the research I used for my Triathlon Cadence Series in April. While not an exhaustive list, it includes many of the most relevant articles on the topic. Most interesting in a brand new publication by Whitty et al. showing that low cadence interval training improves cycling performance...
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