Little things make me ponder bigger questions

So things haven’t gone to plan this last month and I am further behind than ever on podcast and blog topics. I might worry more if this were a full-time gig, but there’s not much I can do when other priorities leap ahead. Nonetheless, I hate missing my deadlines and just general commentary. Rest assured, I am working on some new releases for this week, but here is a small contribution for you to consider.

This past weekend was the Collegiate National Cycling Championships in Richmond. I won’t bore you with race action recaps or course assessments. I want to address something that continues to lead to a lot of head scratching on my part. Why do people think that being aero is more important than being cool (ie, thermoreg)? Seriously, in yesterday’s road race I see this guy riding is a long-sleeve skinsuit and full-finger gloves (I won’t mention the school) in 85 d weather. Sure, aero matters in cycling, but he appeared to be pack fodder anyway, so that saved him more energy than the stupid sleeves!

I cannot stress enough the importance of cooling during high-intensity exercise. Cycling is a great sport because, unlike running, the convective and evaporative cooling mechanism is huge…until you block it. Actually, on that note, I’ll throw runners who wear long sleeve compression tops and tights. Why do people listen more to the nonsensical gimmicks than the scientific fact. Even if (a BIG IF) compression worked, you completely off-set any gains and probably more by blocking evaporative cooling, not to mention the placebo effect pseudo-science people tout as enhancing; I don’t know about you, but I would feel like sh!t riding/running around in such a kit and that would impact my performance. Hopefully he wasn’t paying a coach for this bad advice.

OK, enough with the negativity. I am positive long-sleeve skinsuits won’t help you more than they’ll harm you in 85 degree weather. So buy one of those goofy aero Giro helmets and wear short sleeves wind a frozen Camel Bak underneath; although you’ll look way cooler in a Rudy Windmax helmet. Stay cool and fast my friends!

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