Calling it science means showing the science

Remember, being skeptical is a key component to good science. Matt posed a question to me on Facebook regarding a new BOOK suggesting milk is the leading cause of osteoporosis ( I personally see how this contradicts all of the research I’ve seen. Yes, I have not read this book, but I don’t need to because the conclusions are far too reaching. If they were in fact true, it would be presented at major conferences and papers, not a book. But here are my assessments:

1) This article is impossible to evaluate because no research is cited anywhere; this is your first red flag, because they should give us some indication of the data they’re presenting. One doesn’t need to actually provide any sources in a book. 2) I know Amy Lanou, she was my Nutrition professor at Ithaca College, but her comments far too sweeping and possibly taken out of context. I can show plenty of research that refutes this article and I have no plans to eliminate milk based on this news story. 3) Calcium itself is grossly overrated in bone health to begin with; if you take more calcium your body excretes more calcium, if you have less, it conserves more. The single most important factor in bone development is likely physical activity during youth with a good balanced diet. 4) Just reading the title I am skeptical because almost nothing in health science is a definitive as this title suggests, EXCEPT physical inactivity. Yet, people won’t exercise. Further, we recently posted a news report suggesting snoring was the single biggest cause of cardiovascular disease, which is nonsensical and based on one single SMALL study. Finally, consider the fact that humans have been drinking milk for at least 1000’s of years, but the rise in osteoporosis is relatively recent. The single greatest factor influencing all our ill health is physical in activity, not milk. CVD? Yeah, physical inactivity, again. Personally, I would recommend you save your money and just go for a walk!

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