2016 Resolutions: Change is good!

Happy new year from the ESP Podcast! Each year millions of American’s resolve to change their lives, but many fail. Athletes also make resolutions, some realistic, some not so much. To kick off 2016, I’m inviting all my listeners to write a review and post their resolutions on the blog, Facebook, or Twitter. Those posting and tweeting will be entered to WIN a free one month trial of TRAINER ROAD.

To kick it off here are the two tips I discussed on Tipcast 77:


Stop making and using arbitrary training rules, goals, objectives, bars, etc…One of the biggest detriments for many is the 7-day training week trap. Planning around a 7-day week is often easiest, but setting arbitrary, or meaningless minimums of sessions, miles, or time is not only a waste of time, but can be counter productive. If you have limited time to train, cramming in sub-par training sessions because you must train 3 days each week, or swim a certain distance, or really specific rule actually often leaves you training when you’re not ready.

Like you, I understand the need to progress in your chosen sport and maintain your personal and professional life. However, whether you run Tuesday, Friday, Sunday, rather than waiting until Monday or Tuesday to run again makes little difference in the long-term. The extra recovery and motivation may boost your workout, and physiologically, its unlikely to set you back. My general rule is to avoid more than 3 days off between sports for triathletes, and 2 days off for single sport athletes. No rules, just right is all about making the most of each session, rather than just filling time.

     2. EAT MAN!

Skipping meals or falling into the frequent fasting trap can leave you tapped out when it comes time to train. While current research does indicate that fasted training can be beneficial, if your lack of fuel is literally slowing you down then you need to eat! However, a more common issue I face myself is simply letting my work life get in the way of eating good meals. So for 2016 this is at the top of my list!

Eating well often requires a little planning. So if you find yourself repeatedly missing breakfast or lunch due to work, prepare food the night before and also have a feeding station set-up in the office, especially if you have a fridge available. Here are my must haves that offer me a variety of options for morning or afternoon fueling:

  • Greek yogurt
  • Peanut butter
  • Fruit and nuts
  • Granola
  • Cheese sticks
  • Bread

With an assortment of options, I have no excuses why I’m going hungry before a workout. It also gives me some great post-training fuel too! So if underfeeding is holding your training back, make 2016 your year to fuel right!

Have a great new year!

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