Breaking down the Detox myth

It should surprise no one that I am a skeptic, and without empirical support I am not easily swayed. One area that I carry a visceral skepticism is the detox/juice fast fad. Few other dietary recommendations carry with it more nonsensical claims than detoxing in general, and juice fasting in specific. All I’ll say is that if our bodies were overwhelmed by toxins, like reactive oxygen species (ROS), then we wouldn’t be in a position now to completely ruin the planet and extinguish life as we know it. Seriously, we are adaptive, so the need for cleansing is unlikely for most people. Moreover, most of the claims made by detox proponents are completely unfounded.

Unlike fasting, caloric restriction of some type, juice fasting claims to deliver all the nutrients while ridding the body of toxins. However, many people often complain they feel terrible while fasting while raving about it. How can that be? Even worse, some folks summer more dangerous reactions. If you’re someone with experience with juice fast or detoxing, or you are thinking about trying it, I recommend you checkout a good¬†article¬†from our friends at Precision Nutrition.

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