2018 USAT Off-Road Nationals: All good things…

After months of training, including a lot of rehab on my left shoulder, and a relatively solid winter of training my preparation for this years Off-road tri nats really looking to be on target. A solid Xterra in April followed by my first win in Charlottesville really had me thinking this was the year…you can probably see where this is leading.

So it actually started after Charlottesville, which left my bike trashed (new chain, cables, brake pads, headset, and bottom bracket). Then came my daughters strep throat. All set backs and really no major issue with training. So I was thinking I’d head out on my road bike last Friday then a run, but I was able to get my MTB back together so I opted to hit the trails…just not literally. After a good ride on our Southside trails I was heading back in along a canal. My usual line looked a bit narrow, but no worries, right?

Picture this: on your left a long line of fence and a line with serious roots. On your right, a fast line with a steep embankment to the right. Normally its a good line, but as I dipped in I realized it looked a bit too narrow; in actuality half of it was actually washed out and hard to tell approaching fast. A split second later my front wheel was going sideways down the embankment and I was hitting the ground hard. But nothing seemed too bad and bike was ok, just needed to retrieve my glasses from the water below.

After about 10 min I was back on my bike and noticing my (left) shoulder was sore as were my ribs. Uh oh! I’ve broken ribs before and they are debilitating. So I headed back home, got cleaned up, before noticing some spots on my chest…like small pimples. But its early, so I figured I’d have to reassess in the morning.┬áBy the evening though, my chest was more sore but the injury seemed isolated to a small spot. However, my chest and arms were really starting to itch, as more welts appeared.

No need to belabor this story. By Sunday it seemed my ribs were sore but ok, with only some pain while running and no real breathing issues. That rash though turned into some type of allergic dermatitis. After months of training and preparation, though, I wasn’t ready to throw in the towel. So I got my PCP to call in a Rx and I headed off to Waco Monday morning.

Allergic reaction anyone?

After a stop in Memphis (I said with an old client/friend) I made it to Waco by 4 pm today. After a quick unload, I headed to the race venue to recon the run course.

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