Lessons learned

What a great start to the season this has been…sorta. I kept thinking back in Florida, “Wow, PR in the 5 k without anything but easy miles, and then a solid swim and overall result in the tri opener. BUT, strong starts always lead to set backs.” Still, I put it out of my mind even after I got sick the week after. Then kicked back into training this week; MISTAKE #1. Why?

First, coming back too quickly just prolongs illness, but it also clouds your judgement. I had a solid week of training, and in light of the weather today, decided to double up on Sat and ride then run. MISTAKE #2. Why?

Too much to do, no need to cram in a MTB ride when a road ride or even the trainer Sunday morning would be fine, but my gut was say, “Trails!!! Need skill time.” But my head was too busy thinking about all the work I have to get done. If it had given me some input, it would have told me I don’t need skill time. Sure my skills are 100%, but they ain’t gonna get better on one ride and road bike time is your key to fitness. Unfortunately, I ignored all this and plowed ahead.

The ride was fast fast but not too hard, as I was holding back some. My skills, while not flawless, were solid and I flowed over most technical sections. So much so I was going to get home in time to leave on my run with my wife. Skip the foot bridge mayhem, and even the fast road on the big bridge, and take the flood wall I said. And that was MISTAKE #3. It was a whopper too!

Cleaned the trail section and just one short 50 meter rocky section then fly home. I went in a bit hot and briefly thought, what a terrible place to crash, BAM! Ass over bars I went and slammed my (formerly wrecked) shoulder and thigh onto the rocks. Nothing broken, but damn, I knew my quad took a hammering. 5 min later I was barely pedaling on my way home already thinking about the season that might not be.

The verdict? The good: No broken bones, and no head injuries, thanks to my helmet! The bad, bruises to my shoulder and some strains. The ugly is what you can’t see! Deep thigh contusions hurt like hell and are very tricky and dangerous. Hopefully I can be back on the bike by mid week, but likely wont be running for a week or more. Sigh…things could be worse, but I wish they were better.

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