Review: Nike Free 4.0

In my search for a new shoe I went back to probably the most recognizable brands, Nike. Having long since adopted the minimalist design and really benefitted from a reduction in injuries, I went for the Nike Free.

From the web:
Get that road-hugging connection with perfect protection from the 6mm heel-to-toe drop. Your feet will thank you when you slip into the silky smooth, seamless interior and enjoy a rub-free run that follows your foots every move. 7.8 ounces

I can’t speak to all that, but out of the box it was a nice looking shoe that was a bit bulkier than some, but still light enough! The first time I slid them on I was pleased with the fit and seamless internal construction. I had high hopes for this shoe and comfort wise it was good and the shoe felt lively, BUT, 20 min into my first run I knew I’d have some blisters. I persevered and ended with two large blisters on the inside of each foot in front of my arch. OUCH, that’s a tough spot to ignore. Unfortunately, my second run ended no better so back in the box.

One note on the shoe, I find that many shoes crinkle above the toes or along the side. This creates repeated ridges of irritation. So ultimately how your foot fits this shoe will ultimately determine your experience.

Aesthetics: B
Comfort: B+; without the blisters
Road feel: A-
Minimalist? Yes, but not as “minimal” as others
Price: B+; realities most other high-end shoes, $80 seems pretty good.

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