A fast start to the season

After several years of going solo I returned to 2013 with small team for all things trail. Branded as the RVA XT team, we’ve managed to pull together a good group of guys (sorry ladies, there were no takers on the XTerra side). After a good start to the season for me, my crash set me back a bit, but Sunday’s spring BYB #4 at Laurel Hill Park in VA was a good test of speed.

Under clear skies, sun and temps in the high 40s, the race started fast and sorted itself out quickly. With new paved paths at the start, we were running low 5 min/mile until the single track. Set in the back drop of the old Lorton Prison, the trails wind around making it hard to discern distances to other runners. All I can say is that by mile 3.5 (as the marker said) I was hitting the last set of trails 15 sec back of 3rd and 20 sec ahead of another runner, who I soon realized was teammate Jason Ford giving a great intro on trail running for those new to EX2. In the end, the gaps stayed the same to the finish with RVA XT finishing 4th and 5th overall and 3rd in the 30+ for me and Jason taking the top spot in the 40+. And by the way, the kits looked awesome!



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