Inflammation Superhighway: How you can support the research!

If you listen to the podcast, you know how important your support is to producing the show. However, rarely does the average person get to support the research that I often cite. In a recent blog post I discussed the questions raised regarding the impact that exercise has on key inflammatory markers. I also mentioned some interesting findings was seeing in my own research. Well, after some initial analyses I was not seeing changes in all the markers I should have, but not because they were not there. The lab set their standard curve a bit too high, and the small changes we needed to detect could not be seen; its a bit like search a dark room with a dim flashlight, so I need to brighten that light. This is where people like you matter!

I am launching a crowd funding project on ExperimentYou can learn about the initial findings, donate, or send the link to a friend! Please consider actively supporting my research.


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