Sprint training and Inflammation

Happy Wednesday! Things at the blog have slowed a bit as my time gets crunched. If you have not figure it out yet, those blog posts take a lot more time to write than the typical web article; maybe that’s why many are so poorly researched and written. In there place, I’ve been building a steady stream of Tipcasts and working on a couple guests for the summer. I’ve also been recovering from a nasty bout of bronchitis that knocked me out of the XTerra East Championships. However, it has been a busy spring with travel, so despite the disappointment, I am rebuilding for the rest of the season.

At the recent ACSM annual meeting, I presented much of my data on the impact work to rest ratio has on glucose regulation and the inflammatory response. After quite a bit of wrangling with the powers that be, I’ve been able to release this presentation; apparently science isn’t for everyone? Anyway, I would be happy to field questions on the presentation. So please leave your comments below. I also recommend that you download and view the presentation as a SLIDE SHOW.


ACSM SIT Presentation

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