New Years Resolutions: Making a plan

Ok, it’s now 2 weeks after the New Year and for many that resolution is already a thing of the past, while for others it’s been fits and starts, and a few have forged ahead as if they’re storming Bunker Hill. What all of these examples have in common, though, is that few resolutions involving lifestyle changes actually come with a plan. That goes for athletes too! Don’t be a statistic.

If you’ve made that resolution, and you read the last post on goal setting then it’s time for a plan. Recall in November I discussed Periodization. If you’re resolution is about finishing an event or even setting a personal record, then you need to periodize your goal. That means getting a calendar and writing in your goal; now it’s official! Then work backwards. If your goal is not performance, but say weight loss, you need to periodize!

One thing many folks don’t realize is that the best way to achieve a goal is to make it a performance. Maybe you’re not a runner, but you want to get into shape. Well you can run hours on a treadmill or sign up for a local 5 k and work up to it. If you’ve got 50 lbs to lose, then add a fitness goal with it, even if it’s timing a 1 mile walk. The performance goal gives you something to build your plan around and give you benchmarks to work towards. The alternative is that you internalize your goal and make it easy to miss your mark. Set a goal, make it a performance achievement and succeed!

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