The best running tool I’ve ever found

I discussed on a few podcasts and tipcasts the Jack Daniels Vdot equations, as well as the excel sheet I use to prescribe running paces and plan race pacing. Without getting into too much detail here, Jack Daniels is one the premiere running coaches over the past forty+ years. His book is a staple training tool of many runners, and is filled with awesome details, including numerous equations. A few years back I discovered an excel spreadsheet developed by a runner that puts all of Daniel’s Vdot stuff into one powerful tool. Plug in a few variables and BAM, you’ve got running paces and even a predicted pace for your race.

The few times I’ve used this calculator, I’ve nailed my pace, including my 6th place finish at the High Bridge 1/2 marathon, where I fell short of the prediction by a mere 21 sec. Its important to note that the race was held on a crushed gravel path, not asphalt, which could account for the discrepancy. While a bit complicated, a little play and you will get the hang of it. So, without further ado, the Daniels Calculator.

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