Season in peril: Hitting the RESET button

The following is based on Tipcast 41: Season in peril

This topic is dedicated to all those who have worked so hard for that goal and despite everything you tried, your season came unglued. Compete long enough and it will happen to you; just ask Alberto Contador and Chris Froome. Here’s the breakdown:

  • Plan your season
  • Implement said plan
  • Build steadily hitting early targets (or perhaps falling short)
  • Become sick, get injured, or slowly slide downward after a poor early season
  • Either fall well short of your goal, DNF, or DNS
  • Cry, sulk, or break something
  • Return to sanity, but unsure how to proceed

I started at that last point in mid-June, after struggling to hit my fitness targets and finally picking up a nasty cold and upper respiratory infection before the XTerra East Championships. Despite my best effort, this season was looking like a complete disaster. With more time in the lab scheduled to finish my dissertation this summer and an unpredictable race schedule through August, my options were limited. IN general, when you’re in a similar situation you only have a few choices:

  1. Pack it in for the summer and think about next year. Lot’s of fun time!
  2. Take a couple weeks off and then hit some late season races. Given the flexibility to compete late into the season, option 2 is probably the best choice, at least for full-time athletes. 
  3. Wipe the slate clean, set new goals, and start training again, building slowly. This likely means accepting that no matter what, top form is unlikely this season.
  4. Refuse to alter other goals and just hammer away until the season ends; I do not recommend this one!

To find out what I did, check out the Tipcast.  The most important this is to choose a RESET that fits your life. Many of us cannot just totally RESET mid-season. Make your choice, quickly reshuffle your schedule, set your goals and periodize your training. Be specific about each week of training and focus on minimizing your weakest link first, then build on the some of the strengths, flipping it 2 weeks out. Checkout my charts below.

Have you reset your season? If so, post up your comments here and let us know what you did and how it went!


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