Training, training, and well training

Getting sick sucks, injuries are worse, as recovery is even less predictable, but an injury due to rushing back after illness…well, mistakes happen. Fortunately, I got some great advice from Darcy Norman on my recent quad contusion and my recovery has been a good bit fast than I hoped. So Sunday I drew up my plans for April (see below) and regd for the rest of my races through June.

One thing I’ve noticed so far this year is I’ve been inconsistently faster in the swim, which has led me to believe that less training will probably yield the same or better results. So what you have is my best case scenario plan.

Now I received a question from Gary Z about resistance training. Specifically, where the hell do you fit that in? For the last year I’ve thought long and hard, and tried to make resistance training work. What I realized is that what is ideal is not realistic and may not be necessary. If you can fit in one 30 min good lifting session per week, this is best, but if preventing injuries is your goal, 15 min after a run or swim or bike is enough to target everything you need. Target whole body, multijoint exercises like, push up, pull up, inverted rows, single leg and two leg dead lift. Work up in weight as you work through your sets, so at least one set is fairly heavy and keep the rest short. The general idea is to target the neurological system over lots of tissue breakdown and rebuilding. Be on the lookout for some samples in the next week.


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