The one size fits all program

There are many good coaches out there, and there are also many good mama birds. A good coach follows a philosophy but ultimately creates a program that meets an individual’s needs incorporating their philosophy and all the data at hand. A mama bird chews up what they intake and then regurgitate it to its chicks; it looks a little different but it’s all the same food for each chick. I was reading some tips this morning and I came across this brief article that fits into our periodization series.

…running a lot in the winter months works well with the shorter days, colder temps, and overall stress/fatigue in the legs that comes with a ‘run focus’. Run a little more now when not racing, then run a little less during the season, so to recover faster and be fresher on race day. A fun goal we had with our group in December was to build a nice running base with 30 runs in 30 days.

Once you have a few good weeks of regular running in the legs, you can begin adding small amounts of faster running to your program to help ease the transition between base running and speed work. To begin this transition, try incorporating some strides near the end of 2-3 runs each week. This workout is part of our 2014 XTERRA Southeast/East & XTERRA Mountain Group Coaching programs that kick off January 1st to prepare XTERRA athletes for the quality training sessions that lie ahead.

Here’s a good example of one size fits all. Everyone doing the same program, same run structure, same transition. The idea of building up slowly over time and then transitioning to intensity is straight out of Bompa’s traditional model. Why build up a base at all if you don’t cut back on training for weeks on end, especially if you have less than 8-10 hrs to train each week.

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