Training Topics visited and revisited: What is METABOLIC Training?

I will in the next month be working to bring both my FB page and the blog together with a series of short articles on training. I’ll also be announcing the next Tipcast for Feb and we should be releasing our next podcast with Tom Swensen early March.

For now here’s a recent email I received from Graeme Street. Yeah, I like to subscribe to lots of stuff, some of its useful, then other stuff is, well wrong. First, I REALLY HATE THE TERM METABOLIC TRAINING. Its just non-sense. First, everything is metabolic; our metabolism involves the burning of fat, carbohydrate and protein either using oxygen directly (aerobic) or indirectly (“anaerobic”-this term is itself misleading, but that’s another topic). The idea that we’re doing metabolic training should mean anything. Second, there are many ways to burn fat, but all things aside, expending more calories will ultimately leading to more fat loss. However, what about that email I mentioned? Well, here’s the truth and fiction of what I read:

Now, let’s get “Metabolic” with your training!


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