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Who is Chris Harnish?

As a coach, Chris combines a PhD in exercise physiology with more than 20 years of athletic and 10 years coaching experience to bring a comprehensive and systematic approach to the art and science of training. He has raced in some the biggest races in the U.S. and abroad, including the FBD Milk Rás, in Ireland. He currently competes in trail running and XTerra triathlons, qualifying for the XTerra World Championships in 2013.

Chris has directed Elite teams, as well as founded and managed one of New England’s most successful junior teams. The author of peer reviewed research, book chapters and numerous articles, Chris believes that the key to coaching is communication. He has coached a broad range of athletes, from age-group to pro’s.

Full resume can be found here: Resume

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Chris’ philosophy is ONE ATHLETE, MANY PROGRAMS; to that end, each athlete is treated as an individual without the use of software-based training programs or popular books. While his training methods remain largely the same, our programs are all custom and revolve around communication with each athlete. Some athletes respond far different than the norm, which is both a challenge and a learning opportunity. If what has worked for others, doesn’t work for you, Chris will find what does work for you.

He is an with many of the latest training technologies, most notably the power meter, going all the way may to the first Power Tap in 1999. He strives to understand the adaptation process not through oversimplification of data with pre-packaged software, but with real analysis. The importance of skill mastery over volume and intensity cannot be emphasized enough; this applies to all sports, including weight lifting, running, skiing and skating. Our focus is on the whole athlete, not one component.

Athletes are people; they live, they breathe and think, and many have lives beyond sport. Their success is different from each other, but it only comes from accepting limitations (internal and external) and valuing true improvement over results. We want each athlete to break past their internal limits, and achieve their real goals.