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Michael Winniford

I am riding way stronger than prior years, including last year – a big difference that others have noticed.  I can understand how the short, high intensity intervals can build power – the impact on endurance is more amazing.  I’m a believer!  Plus, my legs stay fresher compared to the long endurance hours I was spending last year.

Isaac Howe

Professional Cyclist

Kenda-5hr Energy Cycling Team
Burlington, VT

Chris transformed me as a rider. I went from pack fodder in junior races to a state champion in 1 season! Now I’m riding for one of the best US Pro teams. You cant ask for anyone better. You’re the man!

Ben Zawacki

Professional Cyclist

Team Mountain Khakis-Smart shop
Weare, NH

Chris was my mentor and advisor, and has been a huge benefit in furthering my cycling career. Before I had met him I was another junior racer without much direction. He had approached me with the idea of starting a new junior development team with riders based from the New England area. This team was by far the biggest reason for my current success in cycling. Coached and directed by Chris we were able to truly work together as a team in a very professional manner. Chris was also able to bring us to races that few people will ever get to experience. We were able to race together in Canada and Ireland against some of the best juniors in the world. After my final season as a junior Chris helped me in getting on to one of the top ranked amateur teams in the country and finally Mountain Khakis! With the help of Chris Harnish I was able to go from a run of the mill junior to a pro cyclist with a bright future ahead of me.

Craig Dodson

Cat 1
Rider/Manager – Richmond Pro Cycling
Richmond, VA

I started working with Chris in February of 2004. After reading an article he submitted for Racelistings.com, I contacted Chris, and a partnership commenced. I had come off of huge base miles in New Mexico, and found myself with a new team, and new environment in Florida. Needless to say, my threshold for flat, fast criteriums was compromised due to my training protocol in NM- Lots of climbing and focus on aerobic pathway development. I admired Chris’s logical, yet quantitative approach to coaching. He was able to custom tailor a program to fit the needs of an elite level racer, who’s racing is a full time commitment, and entails traveling and racing every weekend for 9 months.

After sustaining an injury early in my 2004 season, Chris became a pivotal factor in my ability to manage the injury, and complete my teams race calendar. In 2005 Chris was again sought out to coach my season. His insight and uncanny ability to relate to his clients, allowed for a very successful campaign at the Pro/Am level. Thank you Chris for all of your patience, hard work, and dedication.

Gary Zyriek

Cat 2
Cordova, TN

You’re a super coach, excellent motivator and tremendous brain on aspects of training…you service your athletes with those tremendous qualities.

Mike Iavarone

Cat 2
Bishops Peak-Rock Solid Racing
Arroyo Grande, CA

I have been working with Chris for almost three years. While working with Chris I not only have increased all aspects of my fitness, but I have become aware of how and why I am getting better and stronger. His knowledge of the body’s physiology and how it adapts to stress loads along with his ability to get that message across has made my training 100% top notch. I have gone from a cat four to a cat two in one of the toughest cycling areas in the country and I owe a lot to Chris and his training methods and his ability as an expert coach.

Craig Nunes

Cat 2
Bishops Peak-Rock Solid Racing
San Luis Obispo, CA

I had been coached previously to joining Chris for the 2004 race season. I had some good results with my other coach but I just did not feel like I received the “personalized attention I desired.” A great coach in my opinion does not just send you a schedule and once in awhile check in with you. A great coach should be somebody who listens to his athletes’ needs and desires, encourages you, pushes you physically and mentally, and of course has the knowledge to take you to the next level. Chris has all the above qualities and by working with Chris I have definitely taken my racing to the next level. I not only won a prestigious NRC event in the Elite 3 field I also earned my Category 2 upgrade. Who says 39 year old guys can’t hang with the young guys!!!