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Metabolic efficiency: More smoke and mirrors coaching

ESP Tipcast 89: Clearing the smoke and breaking the mirrors on Metabolic Efficiency This article first appeared July 1, 2016. The article is republished here with a brief addition near the end (BLUE TEXT) The fitness and nutrition market is driven by sexy new terms and training methods. Few have garnered more...
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Join our research project

Make the most of your indoor training and become a citizen scientist by participating is bike to run study. Mary Baldwin University and Norfolk State University are conducting a joint study on how pacing during cycling impacts subsequent running performance during duathlon and triathlon. Interested? Here’s what we’re looking for:...
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Home Testing Ideas

In my recent Tipcast I discussed using the current lock down for COVID-19 to conduct your own research projects. The following short article offers ideas and methods for some easy at home tests. Sweat Rate: This one is pretty easy, but takes several tests to get a good average. It’s...
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Repurposed running shoes: how to make your own “rock plate”

I published this article in 2015, but this is a good time to revisit it. A good trail running shoe needs two essential characteristics: stability and traction. Obviously there are other features that you may throw out there like cushioning, durable and/or water proof exterior, and protection. However, what I typically find...
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Indoor vs outdoor power output: Are they different and why?

This article was previously published in January of 2016. With the recent uptick in indoor training, it was worth updating. There is a commonly reported complaint about indoor wind trainers; power output is lower than the road. While Zwift is an awesome indoor training platform, the aforementioned comment has been...
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