Performance Products


14 years is a long time, but this year will mark my 14th year wearing the best eyewear in the world, and 10 years wearing some of the best looking and functional skull protectors in bike racing. Did I mention they also have an awesome Rx lens program and some nice looking kit? Rudy Project is a family of passionate individuals who take pride in delivering the best products in the world and we cannot recommend them enough. To learn more, checkout their website, or listen to their top dog Paul Craig on the podcast!

StingerHoney Stinger has long been a supporter of Tradewind Sports and our athletes. We love Stinger for three simple reasons: first, it tastes great; second, it’s affordable; and third, unlike many products loaded with corn and corn-byproducts, it’s made with all-natural honey. If you’re looking for a better choice in athletic nutrition, then try Honey Stinger.