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Make the most of your indoor training and become a citizen scientist by participating is bike to run study. Mary Baldwin University and Norfolk State University are conducting a joint study on how pacing during cycling impacts subsequent running performance during duathlon and triathlon. Interested?

Here’s what we’re looking for:

  • THREE indoor trainer rides using a calibrated smart trainer (eg, Wahoo, Tacx) or power meter (eg, SRM, Power2Max, Quarq).
  • THREE 5-k runs; each taking place immediately after the ride on a standard course from your home!
  • One maximal 5-k on a separate day (Optional).
  • All runs must use a GPS Smart Watch with at least running cadence, and ideally Garmin run dynamics or Stryd Power.

Please contact to learn more or sign-up:

Chris Harnish, PhD

Asst Professor of Exercise Science (research email)

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