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  1. Todd says:

    If you were using the method of training you describe in your podcasts/blogs (and only training 6-10 hr/week) 9-10 months of the year, how would you change things for 2-3 months before a ironman triathlon. Or what would you do different? Also during those 2-3 months I would only have a handful of weeks that I could train 15hrs or so.

    • Tradewind says:

      Todd, its not Friday!!! Just kidding. Based on the info you gave me, and assuming you could add more training, I would increase volume over 6-8 weeks and max out at 12-15 hrs. Unless you’re trying to win your AG, and even then I think its doable, you just don’t NEED more training, and I question whether regularly training more than 15 hrs/week for AG athletes is even optimal. I am likely in the minority on this opinion, but even Matt Fitzgerald stole my idea of minimal IM training; technically he didn’t, but he can pump out even bad books, whereas I need to convince a publisher to run with my idea (which they wouldn’t). Anyway, to the point, I am positive that a quality lower volume training program can get you to the finish and probably competitive in your AG. I am dumbfounded by the number of AGer’s who pay coaches to give them the same old life dominating program.

      So back to your comment, a few weeks at 15 hrs, particularly if you do some long BRICK’s would probably yield a great deal of performance. In fact, the single most important workout for triathlon is that BRICK, but it is also very taxing. The rest of the time, you would have shorter overall weeks, but you would focus more volume on some sports, and less on others.

      Hope that helps!